Book: Designing in Ethics

Editors: Jeroen van den Hoven, Seumas Miller, and Thomas Pogge

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

Description: Many of our interactions in the twenty-first century – both good and bad – take place by means of institutions, technology, and artefacts. We inhabit a world of implements, instruments, devices, systems, gadgets, and infrastructures. Technology is not only something that we make, but is also something that in many ways makes us. The discipline of ethics must take this constitutive feature of institutions and technology into account; thus, ethics must in turn be embedded in our institutions and technology. The contributors to this book argue that the methodology of ‘designing in ethics’ – addressing and resolving the issues raised by technology through the use of appropriate technological design – is the way to achieve this integration. They apply their original methodology to a wide range of institutions and technologies, using case studies from the fields of healthcare, media and security. Their volume will be important for philosophical practitioners and theorists alike.